Seedling College Scholarships


SPCS CollageSeedling College Scholarships are $5,000.00 grants that are awarded to 8th Grade students in the Seedling Mentor Program. 

The funds are held in trust until they graduate from high school, and then are awarded to the two or four year institution of higher learning that the student chooses.

It's that simple.

No minimum GPA, no hoops to jump through; just the fact that we believe in our Mentees and make a promise to assist them in gaining the degree or training they need to have a better life.

The application process takes place each spring when eligible 8th grade students are alerted to the opportunity and must complete a simple application, write an essay on what mentoring has meant in their life, and ask their Mentor for a recommendation letter.

It is a real world experience and the applicants take it very seriously.  

In addition to the promise that awaits each student at graduation, they get a little something extra.   

The Seedling Foundation is watching over them, monitoring their progress and supporting their Mentors all through the high school journey. They have advocacy that might not otherwise exist in their young lives and it has made a difference.  

Each year, the Mentor Appreciation Event concludes with the introduction of our Seedling Graduates and the announcement of this year's Seedling College Scholarship winners.

As of 2016, thirty-four students have been awarded scholarships totaling over $173,500, and eleven have fulfilled the promise we saw in them so long ago. They have graduated from high school, and have attended University of Texas, UTSA, Sul Ross State University, Angelo State University, Aurora University, The Institute for Chemical Dependency Studies, The American Academy of Dramatic Arts and Austin Community College.

Watch the video below to share some of the joy of a Seedling College Scholarship award. Di'Amante graduated in 2015 and proudly claimed his scholarship! 


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