-Farewell from Shira Ledman


In 2014, when Shira Ledman's family relocated from Arizona, Seedling had the good fortune to attract her interest to continue her impressive career leading nonprofit organizations. Her big picture perspective, her passion for the underserved, and her courage in tackling tough issues have served us well. Shira shares the following message with you as she leaves us.


Shira-LedmanIt is with mixed emotions that I write this letter to share with you that I will be retiring from Seedling on July 31, 2017.

With my husband’s retirement at the end of June, we have given much consideration to the next phase of our lives. For both of us, that means a reduction in work hours and an increase in time with family, friends and doing things that are on our bucket lists.

My three years at Seedling have been a wonderful and meaningful experience for me. The dedication of Seedling’s mentors and the staff supporting them has been an inspiration to me. And the relationship with my mentee is truly a joy that I plan to continue into my retirement years. She has told me she’ll keep me around through her fifth-grade year so I have a couple more years to watch her learn, grow and find her way into a successful future.

Thank you all for what you do day after day, week after week to be that caring, consistent adult in the lives of children who are challenged by parental incarceration. I look forward to seeing you at future Seedling events as we all continue our mentoring journeys.

With much appreciation, Shira Ledman Executive Director

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