-2016 Mentor Appreciation Luncheon



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Congratulations and thank you to the hundreds of Mentors, School Support Contacts, the Seedling Foundation Board, and Seedling Mentor Program Staff, who made May 20, 2016 a day of celebration!

Emcee, Robert Maxwell, Investigative Reporter, KXAN, kept things moving smoothly, and the keynote address from Mentor Tucker Furlow and Mentee Kevin Rogel was outstanding.

Mentors were recognized by their number of years of mentoring, and received rousing rounds of applause as each group stood and took a bow.

Executive Director, Shira Ledman, recognized 2016 Angels and Advocates Award winner, Leroy Nellis, for his above and beyond service to Seedling and its Mentor Program. Leroy delivered an impassioned speech about mentoring and its power in his life, and you can read more about Leroy at the Seedling Blog in June.

Past Board President Dan Rourke and Deb Treece, President Elect of the Seedling Board of Directors closed the program with the awarding of the Seedling College Scholarships and congratulations to the 2016 Seedling Graduates, who fulfilled the promise we saw in them four years ago.

2016 Graduates are:

Alex Jaimes - Mentor, Paul Reddam

Ruth Santiago - Mentor, Susana Kaufmann

2016 Seedling College Scholarship 8th Grade winners are:

Carlos Maradiaga - Mentor, Ashley Kimbell

Kaitlyn Mendez - Mentor, Barbara Najera

Kacey Robledo - Mentor, Heather Dalrymple

The program ended with a touching tribute videos from Mentees, talking about their Mentors.

Seedling Foundation thanks Frost Bank for its support and advocacy, and special thanks to the Ludwig Family. Underwriting for this event was provided by the Bequest of Fay Ludwig.

Thank you to Table Sponsors, Becky & James Wood and the following donors and supporters who made this day possible.

Friends of Seedling

  • Aquila Commercial
  • Helen & Rolando Fernandez
  • Terri & Jerry Maxwell
  • Sally & Mike Metschan
  • Patricia & Robin Whiteside


Seedling Scholarship Sponsors

  • Kali' & Dan Rourke
  • Deb Treece & Leslie Callahan


Seedling Scholarship Supporters

  • Valerie & Eric Francois
  • Rosalie & Joe Oliveri


Congratulations to our 2016 Seedling Graduates and Scholarship Winners, and thank you to the over 600 mentors who supported children challenged by parental incarceration this year. Thank you to our School Districts and School Contacts, who partner so collaboratively with us and make our results both impactful and measurable. And finally, thank you to the individuals, corporations and agencies who donate their support to Seedling, both financially and by encouraging everyone to mentor.

See you next year!

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