-A Shared Sentence - AECF 2016 Report


Seedling Mentoring Program is designed to assist with the challenges that children who have a parent in prison face every day.  

Periodically, we find new information that we think is vital to understanding these challenges and addressing them appropriately in an innovative school based, research driven mentoring program and since training is a cornerstone of our program, we share this information with our Mentors and Supporters.

Annie E. Casey Foundation has been researching these issues for many years, and they have just released their 2016 Report. 

We share it with you now. 

AECF-Report-2016A SHARED SENTENCE - The devastating toll of parental incarceration on kids, families and communities

We will be talking about this report with our Mentors, Donors, Supporters and Staff, and we hope it helps you to better understand the enormity of the task before us. The children of this country are our future, and we thank all of you who are helping Seedling Mentoring Program change the conversation and the outcomes for these most vulnerable children.

Questions? Thinking about mentoring or supporting a mentor? We look forward to hearing from you.

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