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Seedling relies on its partnerships with individuals, corporations, foundations, and organizations in order to carry out its mission of supporting children of prisoners.


Corporations & Organizations

Many businesses and organizations are committed to the values of corporate giving, cause-related marketing, and volunteerism within their communities. These partners report that their employees who mentor become better managers and coaches. Studies also show additional benefits for the employees and employer, as employees have an increased engagement on the job and a heightened sense of connection to the community.

(Mentor, Mentoring at the Crossroads of Education, Business, and Community, 2015, Web 6 May 2015)



Seedling has many opportunities for individuals to partner with us and to get involved. 


Partnering Opportunities


Mentoring is good for business.  Seedling program evaluations are consistent with these findings.

Businesses that provided their employees the opportunity to mentor have reported increases in employee satisfaction and retention, coaching skills, and a heightened sense of connection to the company.  

The business benefits today, as people who mentor become better managers, and tomorrow, through investment in their future workforce. 


Is Your Business Ready to Mentor or Partner with Seedling?

Companies that foster a culture of mentoring are most likely to reap the benefits. Your business can foster a culture of mentoring by:

  • Carefully selecting the right non-profit with whom to partner.
  • Hosting an information session to offer employees the opportunity to mentor.
  • Having executives who choose to mentor a child. 

Seedling's mentor program is aligned with the Element of Effective Practice for Mentoring, 3rd Edition, creating mindful mentoring relationships that produce evidence-based results.

Throughout the relationship, from mentor recruitment and screening to match support to eventual relationship closure, Seedling strives to turn good people into excellent mentors.

The annual independent evaluation of Seedling Foundation's mentor program includeds intereviews with mentors, youth and school personnel, all of whom report positive outcomes for the youth. The Seedling Mentor Program independent Evaluations, conducted by Karen L. Looby, Ph.D. are available for your viewing.

Email Seedling’s This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information or to schedule an info session at your business or organization


One Day Projects

Seedling also offers select opportunities throughout the year for businesses and organizations to participate in a one-day volunteer activity. Projects range from special event help to direct mailings, and more. Seedling Foundation would be pleased to provide you with a list of options that might best fit your company interest and needs. For more information, please contact us!



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